May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

The month of May is designated as Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. The NHTSA wants to use the month of May to get across the message that safer motorcycle riding and sharing the roads properly with motorcycles will prevent motorcycle accidents all year round.

Even though people can ride motorcycles year round usually in California, the use of motorcycles around the country goes up in the spring months when people are excited to get their motorcycles back out on the open road.

The fact that motorcyclists are exposed to the open air is one of the draws of riding a motorcycle — the feel of freedom. This fact, however, also means that a motorcyclist is exposed to more dangers than a motorist who is protected by the metal of a car and its many safety features, such as air bags. A motorcyclist has nothing to defend him or herself besides the gear they wear and their riding skills.

The NHTSA website contains a wealth of information on safe motorcycle riding practices. The NHTSA offers information on how to find the right helmet for you as well as how to spot a helmet that is unsafe and does not meet federal safety standards. Helmets that meet federal standards will not interfere with hearing or vision and will protect you from brain injury. Check the website or consult with an Ohio accident attorney for more information. Ride safe!



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