Buying a Home as a Registered Sex Offender

Purchasing a home can prove to be a difficult nut to crack, even in the best of circumstances; the property market is a stressful place to maneuver, with most people spending entire weeks to months trying to find that perfect home at the right price, and failing more often than they succeed.

And even in cases of success, when one finally finds their coveted home there are a number of obstacles that have to be overcome, this including not only finding a buyer for your current home but dealing with insurance and matters of mortgage.

All these and more are the sorts of problems the typical individual must contend against; imagine the complications involved with trying to find a home as a registered sex offender.

To say that your options for an appropriate home will narrow considerably is an understatement, with places like Florida known for presenting a number of tough restrictions that persons who are registered as sex offenders have to overcome.

Registering as a Sex Offender

Obstacles assailing sex offenders emanate directly from the law; not only are those individuals who commit sex offenses required to register on a publicly accessible record, but there are states which enforce regulations requiring individuals such as this to register as sex offenders for the rest of their lives, no matter how mild or serious their offense was.

More importantly, sex offenders are expected to keep local law enforcement agencies appraised of where they live and work; these rules are also applicable when it comes to educational institutions (sex offenders, in this case, are expected to register with Campus Police).

Housing and Sex Offender Laws

The laws governing the movements and dwellings of registered sex offenders are considerably strict; many a state prohibit these individuals from residing within 2000 feet of any schools or parks.

Some cities have taken these regulations a step further, a number enacting laws that prohibit sex offenders from straying within 300 feet of what might be termed child safety zones (which is any location where the young might gather such as swimming pools and playgrounds).

There are states that have taken steps to question the rationale of these blanket restrictions, especially regarding the impact they can have on homeless sex offenders; the majority however continue to restrict the options open to registered sex offenders with regards to their movements and living options.

Home Loans

As restrictive as state and federal laws can prove be, registered sex offenders can take comfort in the legal recourse open to them to challenge those regulations that have complicated their living situations.

Which is where the crux of the problem lies with regards to buying a home as a registered sex offender; sex offenders have almost no recourse for challenging the various discriminatory attitudes they encounter from the general population because their rights are not protected under the law.

Not only is the option to live in federally assisted housing developments closed to them, but registered sex offenders are not protected from the discriminatory actions of individuals such as landlords and realtors who have been known to act unfairly against those persons whose names appear on the register.

Even with the numerous complications assailing sex offenders in their attempts to buy homes, there are options one can pursue to acquire their coveted home even with the weight of a sex offense; the most direct approach open to desperate sex offenders is to have their names removed from the sex offender registry, though the means by which one can achieve this objective and the qualifications required are quite complex.

It is in situations such as this that an experienced sex crimes defense attorney can prove invaluable assistance. Not only can the right lawyer provide essential assistance in removing your name from the sex offender registry, but they should be able to help you in your efforts to contend with the complexities of buying a home as a registered sex offender.

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